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Wedding Ceremony Music

Moonlight Entertainment DJs provide the finest ceremony music in Victoria Texas.

Whether you are planning an intimate candlelight ceremony, a traditional church wedding, or an outdoor ceremony by the lake, Moonlight Entertainment DJs will bring the utmost in musical excellence to your affair. Their versatile repertoire includes a broad range of musical styles that is well suited to please every taste.

Before your big day, Moonlight Entertainment DJ will take the necessary time to help you choose a musical program that will reflect your personal style. Their careful planning will insure that all the wedding processions and entrances flow seamlessly from beginning to end.

At a typical wedding ceremony, music is usually provided during the following segments:

  •   Thirty minutes of prelude music before the ceremony begins as guests are being seated.
  •   Processional of the wedding attendants.
  •   Seating of the mothers of the bride and groom.
  •   Bridal Party’s Processional.
  •   The Bride’s Processional.
  •   Unity Candle, Communion, Reflection, Rose Ceremony.
  •   Recessional or exit music following the presentation of the newly married couple.
  •   A short postlude of joyous music as your guests leave the ceremony.